Friday, April 13, 2007

Can't wait for the weekend....

Ok, tonight we'll probably do our usual boring food shopping. I mean, who food shops on a Friday night?!! It seems to work for us but it's pretty pathetic.

Sat. night I have a Tim Holtz class. I'm so excited!! I hope I can think outside the box and create something funky. It's a mystery class so I have no idea what we'lll be doing. I'm much better doing a project assigned to me rather than getting free reign to create something cool. I'm a little nervous. I know two others who will be there. I met them through a friend so I don't know them well but enough so I feel ok about it. I don't usually mind going by myself anyway.

So, here are a couple of the cards I made yesterday (the ufo's). Very simple as always! And the pictures aren't great. One is blurry. I'll post the cleaned up sb armoire soon and the blank wall that will be filled if I ever order my bookshelf/storage unit.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hmm, have fun grocery shopping tonight and have a blast at the Tim Holtz class. Fun! Hope you and your new friends hit it off and have a great time creating :)

Diana said...

We're pretty pathetic too as we go grocery shopping on Friday nights sometimes. But I get a chance to do other shopping too!!