Monday, November 20, 2006


Well, I had a pretty successful SU party. I think I had 12-13 in my dining room! Whew! It was crowded but fun. All of the food went over well but I had a lot left over. The apple cheesecake was delicious and everyone wants the recipe. I LOVE when that happens. I put at least half of it in the freezer. I ate way too much as it is.

My mom and I were home alone on Sat. night (dh went to Maine). So we ordered Hawaiian pizza since we're the only ones who like it. YUM. I had some for lunch today. NOT on the SB. I figured I'd give myself to the end of this week to eat whatever I want within reason. Then I'm back to Phase I to get those sweet cravings OUT of my body. I can already feel my waist expanding even though the scale says I'm the same.

Wooohooo, only two work days this week. Wed. will not be fun though with my son's surgery. I'll be worried sick. By the way, he did behave on Sat. but they got home very late (1 a.m.) and then we lost power at 7 a.m. and everything beeped so I was up for the day. I slept like a log last night!


Anonymous said...

What a great turnout with your SU party! I have to pick up my club order tomorrow - the new ink colors! I really need to play with this stuff so I can justify being in the club!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm I want that recipe, too! LOL

Maia said...

hope your son's surgery went well. Also nice turnout on your SU party.