Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Too many deaths lately...

We received an email about our fifth student who died this yr. This one jumped over the bridge. The last fell over the bridge (his friend). A coworker died of cancer, someone's mother died and I just got off the phone with an alum who is in her final stages of cancer, under hospice care. What do you say to someone who tells you they're in their final stage? I felt so bad. I also know of someone here who has a little one (6) who is dying of cancer. I can't stand to hear any more bad news!

Well, just when I thought my son was fine from surgery, he's in pain again and stayed home today. I know he must be hurting because he hates to be alone and without his friends. I may go home at lunch time to see how he's doing.

Got some more pieces of Christmas cards done last night. I need to buy some paper to finish them up. That will probably bring me to 45 or so. I still need about 80!! Ugh....why did I ever start making them?!!

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