Friday, October 13, 2006

diet update....

Ok, I was soooo good for sooooo long. I was so totally stressed over personal things and could NOT eat. Now I'm semi over that and I'm totally stressed at work and want to shove every little thing down my throat!

Yesterday it was Italian cookies from an excellent bakery. I seriously ate about 5. I swore I would NOT eat dinner, just go food shopping. Well, got home to a Hawaiian pizza my mom picked up. I was hungry when I got home from shopping and I decided to try a piece. Well...could I stop at 1? NO. It was delish. Today I've been hitting the candy in the dish at work. I HAVE to stop before I put all 28 lbs. back on in one day~!! I don't want the personal stress back but need to switch to the can't eat mode again! LOL

Why does my appetite reverse with different stress?!!

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