Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blogger problems.

Boy, did I have trouble this morning. I couldn't even get to my blog (or anyone else's). I also tried to take a picture of a card I made for my coworker's baby shower. I took it with my Palm and can view it. I cannot get it to hotsync to my computer. I'll have to wait until a techie is available later, I guess.

I was so excited thinking that my Stamp Camp was this weekend and then realized I have to get ready this weekend for next weekend!! I hate when I do that. I'm so afraid I'll forget something, that I'm a week ahead. I do this with birthday cards, etc. too. At least I'm never late, right?!

So I think I'll make an altered letter for my coworker's nursery and I've already made some cute beaded socks for her. I'm so happy that the time is almost here for her but not for me!! This is a high risk pregnancy and not her first. It is her first baby though! I will go nuts without her in the office. She does all of the student records work that I don't have time for. I hope we can find a decent temp to at least answer the phones!! I won't have time to post when she's out, that's for sure!

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Diana said...

I always just email the pictures to myself and pull 'um up that way. I think it's easier.