Friday, June 02, 2006


What a day it's been. It's year end so everyone wants me to try and spend all of the money left. It's also graduation on Sunday so everyone calls us to find out the info instead of going online. It's the mad rush....can't wait until it's over.

Well, today I saw my one friend, the woman in her 60's, reach her final destination. I've always wondered how far she actually has to go. She must work at the church I pass on my route. She has a good 3-4 mile walk to work every day. Poor thing. I know it must sound strange that I see and think about these people. Oh well...

So tomorrow is a bridal shower for my cousin. I have to finish making her monogram cards tonight. I need 6 more! I made the cutest book for them to write her gifts in too. Then I have to work at graduation on Sun., giving out diplomas to all Education students at the tent. I'm glad it will be on the cooler side. Last year we melted in that thing! The tech guys are streaming the commencement on the web. A few of us will go around the corner to the Brewery for drinks afterward! Yippeee...something to look forward to.

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