Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not faithful....

Well, I guess I just can't keep up the daily posting routine. I've been way too busy at work. Besides, there's nothing new to say. My life has been pretty uneventful (NOT that I'm complaining or anything...).

I'm wondering if we're going to get the little amount of snow they've predicted today. There's nothing yet and they said around noon. Somehow the storms have turned around and the south gets hit more than the north. We need to reverse it since the ski areas, hotels, etc. are really hurting this year. I can't believe we didn't get out snowmobiling ONCE this year!!! We wasted a huge amount of money insuring the machines. Oh well....what're you going to do?!!

Tomorrow night should be interesting....a crop at a neighbor's where there's a private squabble going on between 3 women. I'm staying out of it!! I hope I can finish my Aruba trip. It is a lot of fun to scrap though. It brings back a lot of nice memories and the pictures are so beautiful!!

Back to work!

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