Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Long day....

I can't wait for it to be over!!! This has actually been a long month at work. We have a TON of doc students defending/graduating this year. Can't wait to get rid of 'em! We've had a group of difficult ones.

I think I'll try scrapping one last page in my last CM album. I'm switching to toploading. Can't wait! It will be different for me!

I also have a neighbor's Take Ten card books. I usually zip through and make a ton of cards before I return them. They get my creative juices flowing. I also got a Paper Crafts mag in that I haven't gone through. I'll be busy over the next few days.

Also have to come up with a dessert to make for Sat. night (dinner at a neighbor's). Not sure if I'm going to the neighborhood book club on Fri. night either. Two nights in a row are tough when I've had too much wine or something else!! Ah, if I only had some control!~

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