Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beer, Hitchhiking and State Lines...

Ok, I've seen something that baffles me for three days in a row so I had to post.

I drive from my home in NH to work in MA. I'm only about 15 min. max from the border. That may seem strange to those of you who live in big states but it's the norm around here.

Anyway, for three days now, I've seen this guy hitchhiking. He's sitting on a guard rail with a 30 pack of Miller beer with his thumb out. 1) I think, who would pick up a hitchhiker these days? 2) Why would you pick up a guy with a 30 pack of beer? 3) What on Earth is he doing walking to NH to get beer before 8 a.m.? I realize it's cheaper and there's no deposit on bottles/cans in NH, but really. 4) Does he drink that case every day?! Does this seem odd to you?!

The funny thing (ok, not so funny) is when I was just a little kid, I remember driving up to NH on Sunday to get beer for my dad and we would always get a treat at the State Line Market. I now live right down the street from it. I used to think it was so far away! Then when I was 18-19 my friends and I would drive up on Sunday to get beer. You would think that we would just buy it in advance on Sat. so we didn't have to make the trip?! It just cracks me up.

Sorry for the ramble. I hope to do some stamping in the near future.


Gaynol said...

Maybe he trades some beers for a ride?? But who's drinking beer at 8am as they cruise down the highway?? You win for weirdest event of the week!

Stephanie said...

Hey, you won my blog candy please contact me at sserrano22 (at) live (dot) com with your mailing address please!!!