Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chit chat...

I almost finished a St. Patty's card last night but I was so tired, I couldn't focus after coloring in the image. I guess I'll get to it tonight before Grey's Anatomy. I also made a shoe card the other night for an online friend but haven't taken a photo yet.

I have a weird question. For those not in MA and NH, does your state have more than one area code? MA has at least four, maybe five. You always have to dial the area code, even if the person lives next to you. Sometimes you have to dial a 1 if it's out of the area.

Now that we live in NH, it is so hard to remember that there is only one area code and you do not need to dial it. I'm not sure if you dial a 1 if it's out of your area because I haven't called anyone that's too far away. We get strange looks when we give our phone number, starting with the area code, if it's to someone in NH. You can see them silently saying, Yeah, I KNOW the area code stupid! LOL I guess we'll remember in time.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

St Paddy's day card, wow, I bet that one was fun :) I have a question for you - is there any holiday you have not attempted a card for?! LOL!

To answer your area code question, another good one! For the longest time, we had one area code for my state, but now there are 3 or maybe 4. Running out of numbers, isn't that hard to grasp?! I always feel funny to start with the area code, but I guess it's more common place than I realize :)