Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The boys in the band...

To answer Maia's post below as to what the band boys/men (they're all 22-23) call me:

It's funny, they really don't call me anything. They just say hey on the way in and thanks on the way out! LOL Oh, I just remembered, one time the drummer had to call us to see if we were home. He had to pick up his drums. He did call me Mrs. Qxxxxx.

They're really sweet though. On my birthday, each and every one came in and wished me a Happy Birthday! My son must have told them for some reason.

When we went to their concert, they all thanked us for supporting them and allowing them to practice in our house. My dh always says it's fine, but when they make it big, I want to read, "Thanks to the Q's for allowing us to practice in their basement." Too funny.

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maia said...

LOL! I can just imagine big kids hanging out ... "hey"... ;-). At least it sounds better than "Yo" or "yo dudette" ;-)