Friday, September 26, 2008


Not much going on. Last night I put white paper inside some thank yous and that's about it. I had to make spinach squares for tonight, do laundry so my son could have a clean work shirt, and sit down to Grey's Anatomy at 9. I barely made it. I was up and down during commercials trying to cut the spinach squares after cooling and then packaging them up, cleaning the pan, etc.

I have a busy weekend ahead - Lia Sophia tonight, ALS Walk first thing in the miserably raining morning, clean the house (Sun. showing) and grocery shopping. I hope I can squeeze in some play time because my stamps are calling me!!

Have a great weekend!


Becky said...

Hey,its been a while !!
Thanks for the b'day wish on my blog.And i hope you had a great one yourself!!
Sounds like you have a full weekend ahead,i do hope you find some fun time though.
Its been rainy here since yesterday and its expected to last till Sunday ,so i plan to sleep the weekend away.I hate doing anything when its rainy except stay in bed with some tea and a good book or movie.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hope your weekend is going well! How was the walk? Ugh if it was in the rain. Hope the open house goes well too :)

Theresa said...

Hope the walk went well, and the rain didn't damper spirits.

I did a fundraiser for lukemia a while back, and it made me feel good to be able to raise funds for a good cause.

I hope your team did well.