Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun little image....

I got this image as part of a challenge in my card group. It's pretty cute! I don't own anything like that. I really do like the cutesy images lately. I just bought a cute new Amuse penguin stamp for Christmas. I ran into lss to exchange two things and made myself run back out without looking!! I can't believe I behaved.

It's amazing what people come up with when you have a whole group using the same image. They are always so different.

This was made with old CM printed paper, SU cs in brilliant blue and I have no idea of the yellow name because I hardly ever use bright yellows. I don't know who makes the image either.


Theresa said...

I agree very cute!

I just went card shopping the other day and I can't believe how expensive some of them have gotten- you need to start your own business- and I need to start making my own!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

This is very cute! And I agree with Theresa, I bought birthday cards today and most of them were about 3.40 each. Gasp! And yours are so much cuter :)

maia said...

that is very very cute !!!

perfect for a male too !