Friday, December 21, 2007

Believe it or not....

Ok, first off, I have to admit that I lied. I do not have 50 Christmas cds. I have close to 40. I didn't mean to exaggerate.

I found out about the real Santa from my aunt when I was about 10? Not really sure about the age but I remember the conversation in detail. I can picture the apartment we lived in and my mom's bedroom.

My aunt is 9 months older than I am. Yes, my Nana had my aunt and my mom found out she was pregnant with her first at 20 yrs. old, 2 yrs. after she was married. My Nana had 11 pregnancies, 8 children, 7 daughters and one son who is no longer with us due to a motorcycle accident at 21 yrs.

Anyway, I'm rambling. My aunt, Rose, told me that Santa was my mom and how did I think that one guy could possibly get around the whole world in one night?! I was incredibly disappointed but I was glad to know. I told my mom and Rose got in trouble! We were very close growing up. She was always at my house or I was at hers. It was nice since I didn't have sisters, just two brothers. I felt like I did with my mom's younger sisters. Three of them shared a bedroom and that's where I was many weekends for sleepovers.

How did you find out?


Theresa said...

I feel so betrayed!!! he he he only 40 cd's and you have the nerve to call yourself a Christmas Song conisuer :)

My sister who is two years older than me, but I wasn't too upset, although I remember saying, I still wanted to believe in him.

SnoopMurph said...

40 CDs is impressive to me! I just bought two new ones on iTunes last night.

Well, I am sad to say that my mom really never allowed me to believe in Santa. We never baked cookies for him, wrote letters or anything. So, guess who was the spoiler when it came to telling other kids about Santa?? Yep, me.

So, I am now using Santa for leverage to get my son to go to bed and we are decorating his cookies on Christmas Eve, writing our letter and going out to watch for reindeer in the sky. My mom still isn't much for Santa, but she will play along while she's here.

SnoopMurph said...

Oh, one more comment....during one December, my colleague Shannon and I were combining classes for holiday songs. I was playing piano, kids were singing and there was some commotion in the back and I see Shannon looked very distressed. Apparently, one of the kids was telling that Santa wasn't real, others were crying and arguing that he was and poor Shannon is back there trying to preserve the little Santa believers while appeasing the spoilers. It was pretty funny later, but it was some serious debate!!

maia said...

I didn't find out from somebody, I came to a realization first. It was the year when my dad lost his job and decided to just retire. I received a coin purse that year and that time for me, Santa always bought toys or something to play with, never a purse. In my mind was "has Santa gone poor like us?" then I put two and two together and verified it with my sister. She wouldn't straightly admit it but I was already a skeptic at that time. hehe ... I just knew.