Monday, November 19, 2007

5 Things Meme

Saw this on Stacy's blog Exceedingly Mundane

5 Things found in my room (this is my craft room I'm speaking of)

Bose Docking Station with Ipod ready to rock
Our captains chest filled with photos and negatives
Photos of my boys & my Nana so that I can look up and see them while working
Big comfy chair with ottoman & leather recliner
My scrapbook armoire filled with stamping & scrapping stuff

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

Travel to Australia, California, Alaska, go back to Hawaii
Go on a cruise
Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
Go on the Orient Express (train ride out west)

**Edited: I didn't realize I put four down!
Go on a just girls trip with my bff in MI (to a nice warm island)

5 things found in my bag

Reading Glasses

5 things in my wallet

Driver’s license
Debit & credit cards
Insurance Cards
Union card
small amount of cash

5 things I’m currently “in to”

Watching Grey's Anatomy & ER

I won’t tag anyone specifically, but feel free to play along. Please let me know if you do!


Becky said...

Hi, i'm gonna play along!!

Theresa said...

fun list, well when you make it to california, remember to stop by, I am in the LA area and would love to give you a tour.

Also being on two cruises, one to Mexico and one to Alaska, I would recommend Norwegian Lines to Alaska- we really enjoyed that trip.

Jodi said...

I am going to play along... give me a bit and then you can come back over and check it out!

your lists are great!!

SnoopMurph said...

The Docking speakers with the iPod must be kickin'!! I just got an iPod, mainly for school stuff (I had 7 songs on it for about 3 weeks! Lame!) but I am working on getting my tunes imported or synced, whatever it is.

I'll have to write the meme tomorrow, but hopefully in the evening, I can include it!

maia said...

thats a fun meme ! ...

I have done 3 of your "things you want to do", travel to california :-D I am here ;-) and I always travel around ... go on a cruise, and go on a hot air balloon. We went on a hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley. It was cool. The landing was fun, we had to help out the "guide/crew" ... pulling rope here, jump off, grab a line, stay steady etc until the basket and all the remaining people were securely on the ground. It was fun .. we helped fold the balloon too ;-) pre-ds days.

ps. I've done the same meme on my blog ...

SaoirseDaily2 said...

I had to re-do my blog. I completely destroyed the previous one. New address is
Hope you can visit again. I am going to play along too.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Fun, I'm glad you played along! :)

I really am NOT jealous that you have a Bose sound dock. Really, I'm not. Seriously.