Saturday, April 01, 2006

April fools!!

Well, I decided to take Fri. off so I went shopping and found some cute jeans and a nice top for tonight. Then I went grocery shopping, went home and baked two desserts for tonight, stamped a bag for the gift.

Today I had a nice time at the lss doing my baby album. It's so cute! C is going to love it!! I might have to make another while I have it here.

Now I need to get my butt upstairs to get dressed. I hope Chris is surprised tonight! And I hope J can have a good time. He has family issues but they should be all over in a week. Until then, he's totally stressed until he has the discussion with his brothers.

So glad we're getting two nights off from Mom. She went to stay at her sister's last night and called to say she's staying again!!!!!!!! Yeah. Now I'm wondering if I'll hear from/see E tonight (my almost 20 y.o.). He went out last night for his gf's 21st and called to say he wouldn't be home. Maybe tonight. Her car is still here. Hope to stamp and scrap tomorrow!!!!!!!!

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dhill said...

Hello, mamichelle! Just thought I'd say hi, and tell you I like your blog! Would love to see pics of your scrapping and cards. I've seen a few on SBA and they are fantabulous! :-)
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