Friday, April 28, 2006

Ah...the weekend is here!!

I don't really have any plans for tonight but I need to food shop & clean this weekend and also try to find something to wear for Sat. night. We're going to John's aunts' birthdays (3 sisters who are 60, 75, 80, I think!). I think I already posted about this. My memory is gone.

Yesterday I got an email about a new study that one of our university departments is doing on memory. I emailed for more info. They're having subjects (over 45) take a smart pill for a month to see if memory improves. I'm all for any memory boost I can get!!!!!! They said it's B12 and a few other things that won't affect any medications or vitamins currently being taken. Should be interesting! They are compensating those who participate but I'm really interested in an improvement.

It's very quiet in here today (LOVE it). No faculty, no bosses, just two of us chickens!! I'm having lunch with John since he has the car for a p.t. appt. I cannot wait until he's working!!!

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