Thursday, April 27, 2006

Diet/Life change update.....

I haven't had any chocolate, cookies, etc. this week and I'm trying to eat smaller healthy meals. So far I've gone down about 3-4 lbs. Now if I could keep that up long enough to add a zero to the end of those numbers, I'll be good to go!! I've been on the treadmill every night too. I'm planning on walking during lunch for the days I don't have a car too. I need to dedicate more time to exercise rather than scrapping/stamping my life away (not that it's a bad thang!!).

Got two more pages done last night. Can I say I'm snowmobiled out?!! I've done 6 lo's in a row of snowmobile trips. I'm ready to begin Lost River soon! I love looking at those photos because they make me laugh & remember when my good friend, N, visited from MI.

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