Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gorgeous weather!

What a day! I went out for lunch and didn't want to come back. My stamp store called to say that my order was in. They are in the same town I live in but way on the other side of town and they're not open at night except Thurs. So....being anxious, I thought I'd fly there at lunch time. It was a great day for a ride. I flew over, picked out 2 stamp pads also. I flew back thinking that it would take a while. I got here with 20 min. to spare. I was ripped off. I could have browsed some more but then again, I would have spent more money I don't have. Oh that I know it doesn't take that long, I'll go back another day!

Got a call from my oldest asking whether or not the campus police would jimmy his car. Locked those keys in again and his ex-gf still has his spare and wouldn't answer her phone. my nicest voice, I call the campus police saying that I work here and could they possibly take care of my son. They did and he was happy. Another hard day at work! ;-)

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