Friday, April 28, 2006

Saw this on Cherylp's blog and thought it was fun.

Five things:

in my fridge
1. cheddar cheese
2. olives
3. water
4. sour cream
5. various bottles of condiments

in my closet
1. lots of clothes
2. lots of sandals (my favorite thing)
3. some dress shoes
4. purses
5. belts I'll probably never wear again

in my purse
1. my wallet
2. my cell phone
3. a pen
4. gum
5. Advil packs

in my car
1. emergency kit
2. umbrella
3. handiwipes & tissues
4. as many cds as I can fit in the compartment
5. my gate id card

on my bathroom counter
1. body lotions
2. face lotions
3. curling iron
4. toothpaste & toothbrush
5. perfume

1 comment:

R said...

I am impressed with the practical items in your car. Here's what's in mine:

1. Tweezers (I only tweeze at red lights)
2. Lighter (to sterilize tweezers)
3. Tommy Freedom perfume (you never know when you might want to smell like a teenager)
4. Ice scraper (I live in Georgia, totally ridiculous item to have in the South)
5. Guitar pick (while I don't play the guitar, I am serious about my air guitar)