Monday, April 17, 2006


The fun never ends. I had a decent day putzing around, made another batch of scalloped potatoes for E who was coming home from Maine in the afternoon. Got my swap package out in the mail, we picked up a rental van so that we can go to the Cape tomorrow to pick up some furniture and things.

Sat down tonight and finished monogram note cards for R's shower to go with the gc I got. Then I pulled out some photos to get ready to scrap and G called. Wanted to know if he could sleep at someone's house. Ok, he had a sleep over Thurs. night, Fri. night, Sun. night. We told him no this morning and gave in, of course. Now J is mad at ME for giving in even though I asked HIM to make the decision so he couldn't get mad at me. Oh well........he was told that there would not be another sleep over until the weekend, no matter what. He cannot stand to be alone. He has to have a buddy around all the time. So I guess he'll be busy while we drive the 2 hrs. down to the Cape, load up and then drive 2 hrs. back. I hope I at least get a seafood platter out of it!!!

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