Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, first off, I'm happy the Red Sox are winning on opening day!! J called me a few times today and that was one thing he called for. The other was to tell me that E was actually CLEANING his car!!!!! His new gf must be having a positive influence on him. Amazing...I'm liking her more and more! What's not to like, she's sweet, friendly, pretty, helpful (has taken the groceries in), AND gets my son to clean his room and car?!!! Yessirreeeeee!

Oh, and a little update on the boy pants!! Got to AE last night, found two pairs, one 29x32 and oone 30x32. He liked both so we got them and went to the register. Now mind you, we found them on the clearance rack and there were several more hanging there. The total came to $96!!! I almost fell over. I told her they were on clearance and she said they shouldn't have been there and they are full price. After arguing, she caved by giving me a coupon even though I was using my Amex instead of AE charge. Big whooop!!! My total was $82. Gulp. Oh well, they look good(normal) on him so we'll just have to deal.

I'm disappointed about this Easter. My family has gotten together as a big group for as long as I've been around (46 yrs.). This year everyone is so busy with the weddings and showers (4), that no one has offered to do it. I can't have that many for dinner. I don't like to entertain if I don't have to. We're about 25-30 strong when we can all make it. So....this year will be quiet. E is going to ME to meet gf's mom. We will cook for mom, G and the two of us, unless G goes to HIS gf's!! This will be mom's first Easter alone. We'll have to try to keep her busy. On the upside, I don't have to find an outfit to wear and can eat what I want and be comfy in my sweats!!

I feel the need to post something.

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