Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So much for the birthday...

Well, we had E's favorite dinner and then he decided he was too full for ice cream cake. His friends were waiting and it would have been too late if we did it later. So.....he saved his gifts and cake for tonight. His gf is stuck in ME with car problems and is hoping to get back tonight. If not, we'll have him to ourselves! If so, he'll go out with her and we'll have to try and squeeze a cake in. It's so hard when they get older!! He didn't want me taking his picture either. He said it was stupid to sit there doing nothing and have his picture taken. Oh well... I snapped a few but they're horrible because he was aggravated with me. Some day when they look at their scrapbooks, they're going to have a gap of about 2 years with no photos and they'll think it was me who neglected to take photos!!!

I spoke to G's gf's mom last night and she sounded nice. I feel comfortable about him going to the Cape with them now. I gave him the run down about manners and he was saying he could take care of himself. I forgot to tell him to make sure he puts the seat down!!! :-) He'll love that one.

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