Thursday, March 30, 2006

Almost the weekend...

It's been a while again. I was hoping to go shopping on my lunch hour. I NEED to find a top and/or jeans to wear for Sat. night (surprise 40th for neighbor). I get around all of these skinny women and feel very insecure, so I try to find clothes to hide some of the rolls!! Some day I'll solve the problem by losing weight.

Anyway, can't shop on my lunch hour. J needed the car. He's going to pick me up so we can get a big salad somewhere. I guess I'll be going out tonight. Tomorrow night I have to bake desserts for the party. Sat. I have a baby album class which will take me right up to 4:30-5 and the party starts at 6:30. I'm really hoping I can get in on the big gift some are chipping in for. I do not have the time to shop!!! And no clue for a guy who is 40.

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