Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Well, I guess I didn't realize how long it has been until Kathy M asked how long since we've updated our blogs.

I was very successful over the weekend. Got 8 pages done. Aruba is complete so all I have are two pages, one Thanksgiving and one Christmas and I'll be done with 2002. I have those laid out and almost ready to go tonight.

I finally ran out of albums so I'm not sure what to do until I make a final decision. I guess I could preplan or maybe work on the boys albums. I think they're about a year behind. E's will change dramatically since he broke up with his gf of 3 yrs. So I guess I shouldn't put any more of her in his. That will be difficult since they've been inseparable. She's been on all of our family vacations! I think there is a new one on the horizon. I missed meeting her last night. J said she's very cute. They are friends at this point.

Maybe I'll make some cards tonight or just finish the sb'ing.

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