Saturday, August 26, 2006

What a day!

Just got back from a beautiful walk! It's the perfect temperature (high 60's), sun with some clouds. I decided to go outside since the horseflies are probably gone. I didn't come across any. I took my Ipod along this time and got a great workout. I had some great music (Johnnie Lang, Joss Stone, Shawn Colvin, Midnight Oil (Beds are Burning), Carlos & friends, even Dave Loggins (yes, I'm dating myself here) Please Come to Boston - I almost belted that one out loud!! I'm drenched and so happy I went outside and not on the treadmill. The walk is MUCH better!

There's a Blues & Brews festival at the beach down the street and I could hear some of the blues music as I walked. I'd love to go but my dh hates the crowds! I could smell the smokers cooking!!

Well, it's time to clean the house while I'm sweaty!!

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