Monday, August 14, 2006


Had a fun but tiring weekend. My two cousins and aunt from MD stayed with us for the weekend. We went out for clams on Fri. night since that's the first thing they want when they come up here. ( They take us out for crabs when we go down to see them). So....the restaurant had a special of frozen raspberry margaritas and I had to try one. THEY were delicious. Need I say more?!! Went home and had a lot of laughs on my porch.

Sat. we went out shopping. I was so excited because my cousin is going to be a first time grandmother and wants to start scrapbooking!! So...she asked me to show her my stuff and then asked if we could go shopping. I had fun telling her about everything and she bought a ton of stuff! We also went to Christmas Tree shops for the other cousin. She bought some Carmel Jr. mints and Sugar Babies (limited edition - covered in chocolate). YUM!

The wedding was Sat. evening at a country club. It was very nice. Started with cocktails & appetizers at the pool (beef wellington, coconut shrimp & chicken, scallops in bacon). The dinner was scrumptious. I chose beef and got a huge filet mignon done just right. I ate the cake which was to die for with delicious frosting and jam in the middle. I was a very bad girl all weekend. After the wedding, we went home and had more drinks and mini Charleston Chews & Jr. Mints and the Godivas they brought me.

Sun. we went to one of my aunts for a visit. They cooked some New England deli hot dogs and I ate those and her delicious potato salad. Very, very bad but got it out of my system. I only gained a pound, believe it or not! I'm back to the diet and treadmill today!

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Jodi said...

What a busy, but fun weekend you had!