Thursday, August 10, 2006

Very busy day off!

Well, I cleaned and cleaned on my day off, and finally gave up at 3 p.m. to hit the shower. I didn't even have time for the treadmill!

I scrubbed blinds, washed and replaced shower curtains, kitchen & bathroom floors, dusted, cleaned showers & 4 toilets. Whew!!

I decided I needed to get to the lss for a little fun. I didn't want to waste the entire vacation day! I went. I bought some Bazzill papers I needed, some cute chipboard letters (smaller than I own), 4 stamp pads because I never seem to have the right color even though I have tons!! I can't remember if there was anything else....oh yeah, gotta have that Ranger stamp cleaner. I was about to run out!

So I got home and filed my paper in my CH verticals, made a quick little card, and they were home (dh & mom) for dinner!

I've been making a set of monogrammed cards for my cousins' daughter to use as thank yous. Everyone spoils her to death and my cousin wants to make sure she thanks them. So I'll post a couple. Olivia gave me the colors to use and wait until you see which was the favorite! It was probably the easiest one.

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