Monday, February 13, 2006


What a day! Everyone is bugging me to do something for them. I didn't get a lunch hour since I have no car. J needed it today and tomorrow for dr. appts., so there's no escaping.

I need to find a dr. in this area. I'm having trouble breathing and hope it's just allergies/asthma, and not the weight I've put on.

I had a fun day yesterday with the snow and having everyone home for dinner. We had a bet going for the amount of snow we got. I think G (ds) won with 13 inches. It's so hard to tell with the drifts. I still can't believe NY City got 27 inches!

I'm hoping to get 2 more Disney pgs. done tonight. I got 4 done over the weekend after our company left. I also have to make 10 cards for a swap!!

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