Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nothing new

Ok, nothing new to report today. Went to the chiro last night and my back feels a little better. Foot feels better too. The only problem is that I can't keep it dry in the shower. This morning I put TWO bags on and it still got wet!! I just don't get it. I'm going to look on my lunch hour to see if Walmart sells something that will work.

I didn't get to scrap but instead of putting away scraps of paper from my last layout, I made 4 cards. It was fun! I also went through Joy of Cardmaking, A Second Helping. It was ok but had too many odd shapes for me. I like the standard size so I don't have to mess with making or buying more envelopes!! I'll have to convert the ideas to standard size.

I will try to finish titles on my layouts tonight and scrap some more!

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