Friday, February 03, 2006


I just love Fridays and Saturdays are even better!!! We were supposed to go to the Cape to meet with a realtor tomorrow so we can put the cottage on the market. J met with 3 today instead so we don't have to drive the 2 hrs. down there. I'm only disappointed that I won't get a seafood platter for lunch!!! I miss that great fresh seafood.

No plans for the weekend now. I said no to a Superbowl party. I'm feeling way too fat and uncomfortable. My weight is at an alltime high. :-( I need to do something about that. I wish I could get on the treadmill....maybe after Mon. podiatrist appt. We'll see. I need a serious diet to stick with.

I hope to get some scrapping done. I'm now up to 26 pages for 2006. I'm very happy about that! Actually it's 29 since I did a few 6x6's for a gift album. Well, I'll have to see if I can bring that number up to over 30!!

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