Wednesday, February 08, 2006

10 things that bug me

Got this from Kathy M and have no idea how to put her blog as a link!!!

1. Cupboard doors/drawers left open.
2. People having long cell phone conversations in a public place.
3. Waiting at the doctor's office for an appt. If I was the one late, it'd be a different story!!
4. Graduate students & faculty treating office staff like we're the idiots, but they're the ones coming to us for help !!
5. People who are chronically late.
6. My 3 boys (dh included) who forget to put down the seat.
7. Someone using the last of the toilet paper, paper towels or napkins and not replacing them.
8. Jo-Ann's & Mikes in my area NOT getting up to date stuff in their stores.
9. Stores not calling another checker when the line is a mile long ( Wal-Mart)
10.Getting home after work to a counter full of recyleables that someone else should have gotten rid of!!

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