Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My back yard has had some action lately. First my son saw a moose about a week ago. I missed it, of course! Then my hubby ran upstairs this morning to tell me that there was a coyote out back. Nope, he went into the woods before I could catch a glimpse.

We used to see deer but not lately. One morning we woke to eleven deer right outside my family room. I got pictures and a video but the pictures may have been lost when our computer crashed a while back.

Anyway, nothing to post about. I was too tired to stamp last night.


Peggy said...

How exciting! I use to have a family of deers that would walk across the tree line here at night. I tried to take pics but it was always too dark. I think you need to spend more time looking out the window with camera in hand!!!

Becky said...

We have deers here.We would see them walking across the parking lot during the daytime!!

I was too slow getting the camera so i didn't get a pic.

I did however get a pic of one that ran on the side of the road on our way home one night.It was completely dark and he rean into the bushes,but i took the pic anyway and when i looked he was just standing there looking at us in the darkness.