Friday, July 24, 2009

$$ update...

Well, unfortunately the part for the furnace and the visit came to $470. There's another issue but the guy told my dh he could handle it. So he bought the parts yesterday. It needs to be fixed before we need heat again. And the way the weather has been, it could be soon. We've been getting torrential downpours since early morning and it was cool out yesterday and cloudy. It just won't quit! This is not July.

Nothing else to post about. I got my hair cut last night so I didn't have time for crafting or much of anything by the time I got home and ate dinnner.

p.s. Thanks a bunch, Linda! I cringe every time I wear that color. I feel like a cone! I'm not a yellow or orange person and I think it looks awful on me but I suppose it's not as bad with a little color from the sun.


Becky said...

Sorry to hear about the furnace......things like that happen at the worst time,right before selling!
Our Heating system is really old and we are expecting it to croak anytime also. I have to try and keep our house warranty valid because you know it will die the day after the warranty expires!

SnoopMurph said...

Yikes, sorry about the furnace and the timing too. What IS the deal with the rain out there? Mother Nature could send it our way if she wants.

Everyone looks healthy with some color from the sun, (with a good dose of SPF, of course) and I actually contemplated some orange toe nail polish was pretty fun. However, I decided on a sky blue and a grape-y purple. Maybe try some orange polish! :)