Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Losing it....

Between Blogger and Facebook, I can't remember what I've done. I guess I posted most of my photos on Facebook and thought it was here. I'll just post a quick pic of a great meal we had and be done. And if this is a repeat, I apologize!

We ate at a restaurant on the water in downtown Bar Harbor (can't get theah from heah! hahaha). They had a lobster claw dinner and we both got that. I think they gave us 6 claws! It also came with corn on the cob and fries for dh and garlic mashed potatoes for me. I was in Heaven! Oh yeah, and don't forget the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale! We did not intentionally match. I never wear orange but my mom bought me this top.

I got back to work Monday and it was a pretty easy day. Got caught up between Mon. & Tues. and took today off. I had a friend coming over to scrap so I lugged all my stuff upstairs Mon. night so I was ready after work. I got a call on Tues. for a Wed. showing. I realized it wasn't possible to lug all my stuff back down and also clean up the house, when my friend probably wouldn't leave until after 11 and I get up at six. So....I took the bull by the horns and asked my boss for another vacation day Wed.!

Today I basically finished up my pages (titles and journaling), did laundry, etc. and then got a call for a showing tomorrow. I've just about had it. My hubby will have to deal with that one. He came home from work, asked why it was so warm in the house, adjusted the a/c and realized the furnace is not working!! He's now on the phone with a repairman. I seriously hope that we don't have to replace it before selling!!!!!


Cheri said...

Yumm!!! on the dinner!!!

And you guys look so cute!!!

SnoopMurph said...

Wow, that dinner looks so delicious....yum!

I like orange on you-it looks nice with your hair and skin and it is a cute style too. I love orange, but it doesn't wear well on me. So, I dress my boys in orange instead. :)

Happy extra vacation day and hope the furnace problem is minor. (keeping fingers crossed)