Friday, December 05, 2008

Old Christmas photos...

I know I probably won't have time to blog this weekend so I'm posting an extra today. I wish I could find the younger me in the series of Santa photos. It's in my scrapbook and I don't think I have a scan. I had on a little red velvet coat and a little tam, I think. Here's one of just me. The following year was with my little brother and I'll share that next week. I just love Santa photos! Tim Holtz reminded me of these. Check out his tag by clicking on his name. He's amazing!!
**Edited** How embarrassing! I just went back to Dec. 2006 and 2007. I shared these photos in '06! I guess I won't share the other one next week. I may have to photo the little tiny me in red velvet and see if it'll work.

p.s. I still can't figure out why my mom used to cut my bangs so short! LOL


SnoopMurph said...

I used to cut my hair when I was that age and my bangs were usually crooked and very short.

You look so cute and I think I remember you posting a Santa photo way back when.

How are things going with the card making?

Theresa said...

who knows why mom's do what they do- yes I had many of a bad hair cuts growing up at the hands of my parents.

Actually I remember the pictures of 2007, since you inspired me to visit Christmas's past on my blog last year with all your fun pictures-- but still fun in 2008, it is always fun to remember our charished pictures EVERY year :)

Paula said...

My mom gave me a pixie cut...I then looked like a BOY! I cried and cried as the hairdresser cut all my beautiful hair away...sigh...I think she got tired of brushing out my tangles...uck...I still HATE looking at those pictures...and I was 8 years old :(
I do love keeping up with the PJ man though (wink!)