Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Much ado about nothing...

I'm sitting waiting for my huge crowd to come upstairs to our offices. We are having an awards ceremony and the presentation is downstairs and then they come up for dinner. We have tables scattered throughout the floor. This is one of our major functions for the year. Next I work on the rest of Commencement.

Anyway, I already went out to steal a cookie to tide me over. It was so busy today, I couldn't get online much so I thought I'd update now. I have to work til around 8 tonight and I was here at 8 this morning!!

Tomorrow I have the day off so that I can clean and bake to get ready for the lia sophia party (I think I already said that but can't remember). I'm exhausted. DH has had an awful flu and up coughing all night, shivers, fever, etc. I got part of it. My eyes sting, I feel like I have a major hangover and my mouth is metallic tasting. NO energy here so a long day is killing me.

I wish I had known my husband was being laid off before I scheduled this party!!

Well, I guess I'll catch up tomorrow or Fri. when I'm back at work!

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