Friday, May 18, 2007

Ah...the weekend is finally here.

It's been a long week. I'm so happy the weekend is here. Tonight I have a Lia S. party at my friend's house. It'll be fun even though I can't spend much. Love my "girl" time.

I got home last night to a big box full of jewelry. I had so much fun sorting it while I was watching Grey's. I had to peek at what everyone bought! I got a lot of really nice jewelry for free. Gotta love it. I realized I have to buy some green tops. Every necklace I picked has some shade of green (on the lighter side - celadon-ish).

Question for the day: What color do you look best in? Do you constantly buy the same color?

My best color is in the green family. I love celery, lime, celadon, teal (is this a green?) I also look best in light blue.

My closet is full of gray and black with a few hints of lime, plum, lavender,light blue, light green. I tend to wear the dark colors to cover up the weight. Every time I wear a green or blue, people compliment me. That's because I look pale in black/gray.

As I'm typing along here, I'm wondering...did I already ask this question in a previous post?!! Ah, to have a memory again.

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