Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can't talk right now....

I was driving by a funeral home this morning like I do every day on my way to work. I saw a bunch of police cars and at least 6 police motorcyles lined up for a funeral. I always think about the poor family and all that but today I realized it was the little boy, Matty, who lost his fight with cancer at 7 yrs. I cried all the way to work. I don't do this too often so once I start, I can't stop.

Well, I got to work and thought I'd be ok but then my dh called. I saw a house fire on my way to my son's school. It was out but I know it was completely burned. The roof collapsed. My son was worried it was his friend who lived there. So my dh must have heard a news report. A 21 yr. old girl is missing and assumed dead. Her brother got out but they won't give his condition. I'm so sick over these young deaths. I just keep getting choked up so I can't talk. I dont' know what it is about crying (maybe that's why I don't do it very often) but I cannot talk, My voice doesn't work. I need to get back to work so that my mind can be off this for a bit.

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