Thursday, March 15, 2007

3 Questions For Thursday

Got this from The Queen of Cute Shoes....

1. What are three things that you have to do, but really don't want to do?

I have to relocate my scrap/stamp stuff back into my room. I also have to bring everything down for my china cabinets and rearrange them. I have to balance my checking (2 statements).

2. I get very bored with things when they are the same way for too long so I have to move them around. How often do you rearrange things (furniture, blog, desk or other places?

I don't do this very often. It takes me forever to decide where to put things so I just leave them when I finally like it the way they are!

3. Would you ever shave your head bald?? What if you were paid for it?!? Would you do it then?
NO, never. I'd be way too exposed!!!


Diana said...

Okay - I'm going to do this too.

The Queen Of Cute Shoes said...

Shell, thanks for participating! It was great to read your answers!! I hope you had fun with it! They will be up every thursday!

Mine have been up, lol!

maia said...

Hi, I have the same answer/feeling as your #2. Every once in a while I look for other blog templates ;-). I would love to move around the furniture but have to wait around for DH who does *not* want to move it around. :-) so I fulfill my need on places I have control of. - my blog. ;-)