Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another boring post here.....

Since I really don't have much to post, I'll talk about my favorite color like Kathy M suggested.

I love, love, love greens in decorating and scrapping. It's mostly lime, celery and olive type greens. Why are colors usually described with foods?! I would only wear celery or lime, not olive.

I also love seafoam or teal (not sure what you call it), that light color that Stampin' Up calls Cool Caribbean. Ah, that's heaven to me. I wear this color and scrap with it but wouldn't use it in decorating (what am I thinking?! I totally forgot my porch is in this color and it's very soothing to me.)

Another color I love in decorating but would NEVER wear and hardly ever scrap with is a pale yellow.

And a color I would never wear, never decorate with and hardly ever scrap with is orange. I love when others use it...I just don't like to use it. I've made a few cards with it and loved them but it's just not my color.

Isn't it funny how we love colors for one thing but not another?

p.s. Nervous for my ds' root canal this afternoon.

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