Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Something interesting....

On my way in this a.m., I heard a question on the radio. They were asking if there's a universally thought of gorgeous person that you just don't get. KWIM?

Ok, for me it's probably Pierce Brosnan. I just don't like him or his looks. The other person is Angelina Jolie. I know everyone thinks she's gorgeous and she is sometimes but other times she looks horrible to me.

One more for you....Meredith on Grey's Anatomy. She's really not that great looking. Now Izzy is beautiful. Why isn't she in the NY & Co. ads? Patrick Demsey is definitely gorgeous though!

Sometimes it's personality for me too. I used to love Tom Cruise until he was a jerk. Now I don't think he's good looking. I just don't like him anymore! And I think someone like Kovach on ER is gorgeous (maybe he just is) but it's mostly becaues of his personality. Not sure. My hubby thinks he's ugly. Jealousy, perhaps?

Are there any like that out there for you?

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