Friday, January 19, 2007

Another day of nothingness!

I'm the only one in the office. LOVE that feeling (unless the phones are crazy). This is the last day of semi-calm around here. Classes start on Tuesday so it's been getting busier and busier! I am counting the days until my co-worker returns from maternity leave (another month). I have a new TA and she's working out well but I still have to do all of the student records stuff.

I don't know what I'm going to do with my sons! Last night, my youngest was staying over a friends but we didn't know that until 9:30. It was snowing and I was watching Grey's, then ER. So I wasn't picking him up til 11 and then he called to say he was asked to sleep over. He has midterms this week and non scheduled for today so he's off. Anyway, he called back to ask if I could bring over some snacks!!!! I said, um NO!! The roads weren't great. He couldn't figure out why I wouldn't drive over. He said he was starving and they had nothing to eat. I thought about that every time I woke up through the night. I'm still thinking about it and hate to think my son is starving at someone's house!! I gave him the option of coming home to sleep but he said no. So I guess I shouldn't worry too much?!! I'm sure I'll be heading over there on my lunch hour (1/2 hr. away) to bring him food.

Then my oldest came in to collect his laundry (I did 3 loads last night) and left. He called about 1/2 hr. later to see if I could possibly drive him home to his apt. which is 45 min. one way!!!!!!!!! His car is horrible in the snow. So...of course I said probably not but why doesn't he just come home and stay with us for the night. Mind you, it's now 11 p.m. and I have to get up at 6! So he came home and I told him that my dh did not want me driving all that way with the roads like that. I went to bed and he apparently got someone to drive him home. He left a note which I found this morning. His car is still at my house. I didn't have a great night of sleep between worrying about the two boys and my dh. He cannot find another job and cannot stand where he is. Not a good situation.

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm happy I have no bosses today! I need a nice easy day today!!

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