Monday, January 29, 2007

Appliance woes

First of all, they got here at 11:30. It was freezing cold out and the door was open for a while. Then they said I'd probably have to wait a few days for dishwasher and microwave installation.

So then I threw all the food in quickly and got to work to relieve someone who was helping me out. But as I was shutting the garage door, a bird flew in! So I opened it again and it flew out. Whew! dishwasher and microwave will not be installed until this coming Sat. Thank God we have the old microwave to use on the counter. The dishwasher still works so it's no biggie. It's just that I have these new things sitting in boxes in my kitchen!! I didn't realize it would take this long for installation.

And how did I accumulate so many cleaning supplies? They are on top of the counter so that they can get under the sink to install the dishwasher.

Here's the before. I won't take the new until they're all installed.


Wendy in MD said...

I like your kitchen! The 'before' looks great, so I'm sure the 'after' will look simply 'mah-velous'. :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I agree with Wendy, the before looks pretty darn good, so I can just imagine how great the new ones will look. :)

What a bummer on installing the new microwave and dishwasher. That's one reason I love being married to a Tool-Time wannabe. He can fix anything. When we buy a new dishwasher, that sucker will be installed in under an hour, I can guarantee it, LOL!

Can't wait for the pics, and I know you'll be so glad to have everything in, and put everything back in its place!

Angie said...

I can't wait to see the new kitchen either - I love how open and roomy your kitchen looks. Mine is so small only one person can work in there at a time - but I still love it because it's mine!LOL

The pork tenderloin is that easy to make. Just put in the crockpot and pour the dry lipton herb and garlic soup over it and let it cook in it's own juices. When it's done I usually drain the juice and make gravy from it. It's my favorite company meal to make!

Angie said...

Michele, I just use a 1/2 pkg for one of the small tenderloins ( I can't remember what the lbs were probably 2). So for your family you would probably need a larger tenderloin and use a whole package. I cook it on low for about 6 to 7 hrs. You will be able to tell when it's done because it's so tender it will cut with a butter knife.