Friday, December 29, 2006

I ......scrapped, I scrapped!!!!

Yeah me! I got a two page lo done and would have finished another 2 pg. but my oldest son came in with his new roommate and gf and I had to make sure they had what they needed. Then my youngest asked me to drive him and his gf across town so by the time I got back the Naproxen kicked in (headache again) and I was wiped out. I did sort through the slab of paper and put it in order by pattern/colors.

Of course, as soon as I got through with the lo, I logged into Snapfish to show my dh photos of Christmas. Something was nagging me so I looked at Thanksgiving 05 which is what I scrapped. WELL.....there were several photos I hadn't ordered that were much better than the ones I got from our friend on Kodakshare. Ugh.....Do I try to rip them off the page and replace, or just get over it?!! I'm finding that it's difficult to remove anyting now that I'm using my ATG. What do you think?


maia said...

Hi, I'd keep the pictures in there because you might tear out the paper you used under the photo (mat or bg paper). When you order the new picture, you can mount it on top. ;-)

Actually, I have not used an ATG so I don't know it's strength. I only use the varios and sometimes I can get it off w/o harming the paper.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh yeah for you, you got some scrapping done! I'm SOOO behind, Thanksgiving 05 is new for me!

As for the forgotten pics, I would just get them and maybe do another page. I never go back and take stuff out or swap out pictures. I would add to it in a heartbeat though :)