Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is it me?!!

I got home last night and got ready for the treadmill and saw that my husband was also ready to get on it. So....I decided to take a walk outside which is really better anyway. I live on the top of a big hill so I really use my leg muscles walking around my house. Well....I was having a good walk when suddenly I was attacked by a horsefly. Ugh...this happens to me all the time. I can't figure out if it's just me (maybe my hairspray?) or what. My neighbors walk EVERY day on the same roads I walk. Why don't they get attacked? It's so annoying because the same stupid horsefly followed me for a mile out and back. It's a swampy/remote area so I guess I should expect it but now I don't want to go back again. I ended up running half the time so I could get away but it didn't work. He flew faster than I ran! He just buzzed around my head over and over. I cut my walk short because of it. Oh well...tonight it's the treadmill for me!

I tried to scrap but my husband wanted to talk about his job interview. It's not something he's excited about but there's nothing else at the moment so he may have to take it. I'm not happy about the amount of $ but it's something. It's now been 8 mos.! I wish something else would come up so he didn't have to take this but I don't think that's going to happen.


Jodi said...

Horsefly, eh? Yikes! I hope something turns up for you husband!

kathy m said...

I hate horseflies. I think I would be waiting for dh to get off of the treadmill next time.