Thursday, June 01, 2006

Faculty, faculty, faculty....

Ugh....we are enduring another miserably hot day at the University. They are fixing the a/c (that's exactly what they told us LAST year when we were sweltering).'s about 78-80 degrees in the office. First we had a visitor come in for a faculty interview. He proceeded to sit in our waiting area, take his shoes off, and put his feet on the coffee table we have!!! I wouldn't do that at my best friend's home. Why would you do that?!!!

Second, a faculty member emailed to ask what we have to do to get the a/c on. I want to reply and say, "Oh, sure, let me just run over and turn it on, I just forgot!!!!!!!". I mean HELLO, doesn't he realize it's not just hot for him?! He's our newest addition. The arrogance of these people! Some are nice but most are just so full of themselves. I jokingly said that if he had some magical powers to let me know & they'll turn it on when they're done. I'm just a tad snippy when I'm hot! :-))

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