Monday, June 12, 2006

All is well....

The weekend was good if you ignore the constant rain we had. My aunt's huge cookout was inside. It worked out well because she has lot of room to spread. My oldest was able to introduce his new gf to most of the family. She managed to survive us! She's very outgoing and bubbly.
I managed to put 2 lbs. back on. Could it be the beer I drank or tons of pistachios I ate? ! I'm back to Phase I today. I'm not going there!
The English couple left midday on Sun. We had fun with them. They love to laugh (and drink, of course.). I'm glad to have my house back though.
I was finally able to scrap last night. It was a fun lo because it brought me back to my friend, Nancy's visit from MI. We went to Lost River in NH so we were climbing through the caves/rocks.
Well, I'm procrastinating. I need to do an employee review (hate them!!!!). Luckily she's a model employee so there are no negative comments to put down.

The sun is finally shining here! Yeah!

p.s. Thanks for the comments, SBA ladies!!

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