Monday, January 10, 2011


Cadence's mom put this headband on and we all thought she looked adorable! I ended up buying her a couple so she had some variety. She looks a lot more girly with one since she has no hair! They don't put her in them a lot but I try not to butt in and tell them what to do. It's hard keeping my mouth shut with them living here. They're very good parents and they've surprised me with some of their decisions. I'm so happy I've had this time with her in her infant stage. I know I wouldn't have seen her very much if they hadn't been living here. It's not easy working full-time and arranging work schedules around a baby.

Anyhoo, she looks like a little tubba in this but in person she's a petite little thing. She is almost 5 months and weighs about 13 lbs.


Betsy in ar said...

I opened this and gasped, she made me smile! I need to get her a headband! Facebook me your address and let me send her one.

Peggy said...

So cute! I love the headband!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

That baby CANNOT be 5 months old already? Oh my, and she's so beautiful!!!! :)