Friday, January 21, 2011


I always wonder if I'm at the right number when I'm posting! I suppose I should check first. (yep, I was wrong)

Here is Little Miss C in her PacSun outfit! LOL We were kidding that she should model for PacSun so some of her mom's customers would know how to dress. She seems to like posing for the pictures! She's drooling so much in one, it looks like lip gloss!

I'm really excited that we got another snow day today! It's the last day of break so it was an easy one to call. It's a winter wonderland out there! We have at least 5 inches out there and it's coming down like crazy. I'll get the full report when my hubby comes in from clearing the driveway. Stay safe out there!!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Look how cute! She's going to be quite the little fashionista in her life, I bet :)

A snow day sounds great! Bet it is pretty. Take some pictures and let us see!

Chef Gaynol said...

Love it! So cute and the outfit just screams urban chic :)